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I have just had another Body Code session with Vanessa and absolutely want to recommend her and this amazing work.

I started off feeling really down on myself and struggling with lifting my energies into a higher vibration. It felt like I had no more gears to move up into.

Vanessa systematically cleared what was presenting itself using her joy and humour to make it a very light-hearted experience and brought me back up into the life-embracing energy that I love. CV

Thank you for shifting some of my stuff… I’m feeling much lighter, more confident and a bit excited about having less! Boy, did I sleep well last night!

Looking forward to seeing you again next week for more layers of elimination! I feel like you get right to the controversial cause in record time and get rid of it, gone, abracadabra! Magic!  MM

After three sessions of the Body Code, I can truly say I feel lighter. Vanessa with her knowledge, understanding and positive thoughts has helped me ignite my life. Thank you.  JO

Vanessa is a joy to work with. She loves to help people. It is her passion to help you improve your life. She is intuitive, warm, funny and positive. And she can be tough on you – if you need it. No excuses, no procrastination, no missed appointments. My business has changed so much since I started to work with her. And so have I!

I am happier than I have ever been! PK

After just one session of the Body Code with Vanessa, I feel really fresh, clear, optimistic and happy after a really low week of tears, feeling sick and inadequate after the breakup. So thank you loads! Can’t wait for the next session!  LP

Working with Vanessa and The Body Code helped to release a hidden heart wall and freed up emotions and beliefs that I never knew I had. Since the process I have felt very different. The Body Code is an enlightening and unique tool that can get to the heart of an issue and help clear the emotional blocks in the way.

Vanessa is very caring and thorough in her approach to her work and passionate about helping others.  JH

Hello my dear Vanessa, I just wanted to say to you that it’s only been about one hour since I left your house but I’m feeling absolutely great. It’s like something warm is coming out of my chest, and I’m having an explosion of happiness like I’m on drugs! I hope this feeling lasts! Thanks again.  VK

I first started seeing Vanessa at a time when I was unsure of my next professional step in life, Vanessa used humour, insight, experience, and the Body Code to help me see through the fog to what I wanted to be doing with the next part of my life.

Vanessa was patient and let me follow my intuition, she helped keep me on track. I start my new venture in April and what I am sure of is Vanessa helped it happen greatly. I would whole heartily recommend trying it out!  KB

Vanessa does not hold back when you need to hear the truth and nothing but the truth.

Vanessa’s words are a painting of her thoughts that help you see things crystal clear.

Vanessa helps you change how you see so you see how you change.

Vanessa helps you to get rid of the excess ballast that makes you rise again.

Vanessa’s non-attachment to material things makes you think about yours.

Vanessa’s motherly energy warms your soul. At no point, the mothering gets smothering.

And last but not least, Vanessa is your unconditional fan because just admit it, you love having one too!  HI

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