Did you know that The Body Code can be FUN?

I have just finished a Body Code session with a new client today, and we had so much fun!  Lots of smiles and laughter, and lots of clearing and releasing of negative trapped emotions.

The Body Code is a highly effective healing system. After a session of releasing Negative Trapped Emotions, re-aligning misalignments, clearing toxins, and rebalancing the body, you might feel tired. But never bored.

Every session of The Body Code is different. As your Highest Self directs the session, it can be full of surprising twists and turns. You may have lived through sad or traumatic times, which have left their mark, but these can be identified and cleared gently and easily.

Another good thing about The Body Code is that you do not need to tell your story. This means that you don’t have to relive past pain, sadness or loss in great detail.  Just knowing that you experienced trauma at a certain age, even if you have no clear memory of it, is enough. It can then be cleared.

Do you sometimes feel Depressed, Rejected or Lost? Feel Frustration, Anger, Resentment, Guilt or Shame? Sadness, Anxiety, Despair or Helplessness? Betrayal, Panic, Overwhelm or Fear?

These emotions can be Inherited from your parents and ancestors.

They can be Absorbed from others who are going through hard times. Or Absorbed from negative entertainment, movies, TV, news reports, internet scare stories, and violent video games.

And, you can trap more Negative Emotions, just by living your day-to-day life. This all adds up to a heavy burden which can really weigh you down.

Is it time to let this all go and start to enjoy your life? To learn to laugh at yourself? To have some fun?

If your answer is YES! then contact Vanessa today to book your first Body Code Session. You can have a FREE, 30 minute, taster session on Skype or Zoom to see how it works and if it feels right for you.

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