Old lives… new lessons…

I want to share something with you. You may feel this is a bit strange or even scary but stay with me…

Over the past months, my Body Code work has been opening into a whole new area. I am receiving more and more information about my client’s Past Lives.

Past Lives are other lives your soul has experienced in different incarnations. They can be from any time in history. They can be very different from the life you are living now. You could have been a man or a woman. Rich or poor. Healthy or sick. Kind-hearted or mean. Any race or religion. Any occupation. Any sexual orientation.

In The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ you can trap negative emotions in your body’s energy field as a result of an upsetting or traumatic life event. For example, an accident, bereavement, illness, attack, sudden redundancy, or bad relationship break-up can all cause a number of negative emotions to be trapped simultaneously. Dr Bradley Nelson calls this a Psychic Trauma.

And then I discovered a Past Life Psychic Trauma. It all started with one client of mine who was very psychic. He knew how he had lived and died in a past life, and this was overshadowing his ability to be happy in his life today. So we explored further and found something I now call a Past Life Psychic Trauma. Since then, more and more of these have been coming up with many different clients.

In my experience, the Past Life Psychic Trauma is linked to the way that the person died at the end of that life.  Unfortunately, this is not usually a peaceful death. A sudden, shocking, accidental or violent death, suicide or murder often comes up to be healed.

At the time of death, the soul may experience many different negative emotions such as Shock, Panic, Fear, Abandonment or Worthlessness. These emotions are then carried into the next life, with painful effects.

There can also be curses, cording or saboteur energy, or vows and promises that are brought in to the new life from the old one. One example was of a wealthy man who died alone having alienated all his family and friends. He believed that his money was the cause of all his problems and so he decided that he would not be wealthy in his next life. Unfortunately, this caused a different set of problems for his soul in the next life, who had to cope with a low income and crippling debt.

GOOD NEWS! It is possible to clear all the negative trapped emotions from a past life and all past life psychic traumas, along with any sabotaging curses, cording or vows. This can shift your energy in truly profound ways. And bring a lightness of heart into your life today!

Is this of interest to you? Are you serious about wanting to transform your life, now and in the future?

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