Feel lighter… look younger!

Have you noticed that when you feel down you often look tired and strained? And when you feel joyful and happy you look younger and brighter?

Everything is pure energy! And every emotion has a different energetic frequency. When you experience challenges like stress, trauma, losses, accidents, illness, operations and break-ups you often trap negative emotions in your energy field.

Emotions like Grief, Depression, Shame, Panic, Fear, Anger and Shock are just a selection of the 60 Negative Trapped Emotions you might feel, as identified by Dr Bradley Nelson in his book The Emotion Code.

Over time, your emotional baggage gets heavier and weighs you down, lowering your overall energetic vibration. This can lead to distortions and imbalances in your energy field, illness in the body and imbalances in the heart and mind.

The Good News is that you when you release your negative trapped emotions using The Emotion Code™ you can feel lighter AND look younger!

Carrying a heavy load of negative trapped emotions can be like wearing a heavy winter coat. It is only when you take it off your shoulders that you see how heavy it was.

To try this out for yourself, contact Vanessa today to arrange a FREE 30 minute Taster Session in August. You can see how she works and ask any questions you may have. And release some of the weight you have been carrying, once and for all…

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