Healing for animals

Whatever the animal, it seems that there is someone who adores them… dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, goats, sheep, rabbits, pigs, the list goes on and on…

Animals are part of the family… sometimes they are the only family members who seem to love you unconditionally! Which is why it is so upsetting when your pet is unhappy or unwell.

Did you know that energy healing works for animals as well as people? In his book, The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson explains how animals began to heal after negative trapped emotions were released from their energy field.

Since I found my own dog, Molly Moo, in May 2017, she has had many sessions of The Emotion Code ™ and The Body Code ™ to help to rehabilitate her. The most memorable one was the first session on the night that I rescued her. She was covered in hundreds of ticks when I found her. These were so itchy that she could not settle for long and I could see she was very unhappy.

I released many trapped negative emotions from her and then I asked:”Is there anything we can do to help Molly with these ticks?” I got the answer: “Yes”. I was inspired to ask: “Is there a way that these ticks can painlessly and easily leave her body?” When I got the reply “Yes”, I then used the magnet along her back with that intention and ended the session.

Before I started the session with Molly, not one tick had been dislodged from her body. But in the next two hours, about sixty ticks of all sizes jumped off and walked away into the corners of the apartment. I was amazed and laughing aloud as I chased the ticks and gathered them all up.

Since then I have helped other animals with issues like separation anxiety, grief, excessive barking or chewing, fear of fireworks and other loud noises, fear of animals or people. Other sessions have helped to promote healing of misaligned joints, rashes and infections. And others to help abandoned and rescued animals to trust again so that they can be re-homed.

The picture  is of Molly Moo, the day she sat in lovely, green grass for the very first time. I am sure she is smiling…

If you have a pet you love who could be happier or healthier, please contact Vanessa to find out more…





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