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Read this if you want to transform your life using The Law of Attraction…

I have recently re-discovered the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks and the fascinating wisdom of “Abraham”, for whom Esther has provided a voice for over 30 years.

Over the years, Jerry and Esther have created a wealth of information, including inspirational books, card decks, audio books, guided meditations, workshops on land and cruises on sea, and many recordings on You Tube. All to bring the wisdom of Abraham into the world and help people to live more joyful lives.

Abraham is the name they gave to the Source Energy or Non-Physical Consciousness which Esther started to channel, back in the 1980’s.

Have you heard of The Law of Attraction? It is a powerful tool to transform the way you live your life. In my opinion, no-one explains the Law of Attraction (or LOA) better than Abraham, with the help of Esther. At times it is so funny, I call it Spiritual Stand-up Comedy at it’s best…

But it can also be challenging, empowering, direct and searingly honest, as Abraham always gets to the heart of the problem. The messages are clear and designed to help you to raise your energetic vibration.

Abraham explains that your most important job EVERY MOMENT is TO FEEL GOOD, BE HAPPY and PUT YOUR OWN NEEDS FIRST. And to find alignment with your own Inner Guidance or Source Energy. This allows good things to come into your life, easily and enjoyably.

How you can stay in alignment takes rather longer to explain… so I recommend that you point yourself in the direction of their website at:

or search for Abraham Hicks on You Tube. 

You can see for yourself what has inspired thousands of “Abers” all around the world. And hear the success stories of people who have learned how to transform their own lives by deliberately using The Law of Attraction.

If there is a part of you that says: “That won’t work for me”, then you may find it helpful to have a few sessions of The Emotion Code ™ or The Body Code ™  – these are very successful in helping you to remove some of the blocks to allowing abundance into your life. 

Contact Vanessa to find out more about arranging a session… and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy your journey of discovery with Abraham and Esther.

Remember… Life is supposed to be FUN!

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