What is blocking your brain?

Why is it that some people say they’re not creative? They say they cannot paint? Or write? Or sing? Or dance? Or even cook?

We all have potential for talent. The possibility to be great. We have the same basic hardware. A brain, a body, a will. So why do some people seem to achieve a lot and others achieve so little?

Do you feel that you are using your potential? Are you living your life with passion and excitement? Is your life in full, vibrant colour or plain old grey? If not, why not?  Do you want to do something to change this?

What is blocking YOUR brain? 

The Emotion Code™ is a powerful healing method developed by Dr Bradley Nelson. His book explains how Negative Trapped Emotions, arising from an unresolved trauma or event, can be held in your energy field. These distort your energetic blueprint and block you from achieving your fullest potential for health, wealth, happiness and success. Dr Nelson identified sixty of these Negative Trapped Emotions and found a simple way to release them. Once released, the body can re-balance and start to heal. And life can change in profound ways.

If you feel stuck, lost, lonely and in pain, there is a reason. It is possible to find all the Negative Trapped Emotions which are sabotaging your happiness and release them. If you feel fearful, hopeless, taken for granted or unworthy, a session of The Emotion Code™ can help you to see the way forward. You do not need to keep suffering. There is a solution.

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