You CAN get healthy!

Now the Christmas and New Year festivities are behind you… it is time to get healthy!

Do you want to stop smoking? Cut back on alcohol? Stop comfort eating?

Stop shopping for things you don’t need? Reduce your screen time? Or cut back on any other habits or addictions which are ruling your life?

Maybe you’ve already tried to stop and found that willpower alone isn’t enough? Perhaps you can quit for a while and then start again?

There is a good reason why you are staying stuck…

This is NOT just about willpower… it is the negative trapped emotions in your energy field which are sabotaging your good intentions.

If you have a trapped emotion of Hopelessness, what is the point of trying to change anything? If you have a trapped negative emotion of Worthlessness, then why bother trying to look after your health? When you feel Depressed and Panic, no wonder you turn to the biscuit tin.

There is GOOD NEWS!

With Vanessa’s help you can release the trapped emotions which are blocking your good intentions and your body can re-balance itself. And the need to comfort yourself, distract yourself, or numb yourself out will go away. Now you can clear your bad habits. And you can finally be free of your addictions.

Contact Vanessa today to get healthy in 2018…

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