Do you have a Dream for 2018?

Do you have a dream for 2018? A big goal or a target that you long to achieve?

Are you determined to make it happen… but it never seems to get any closer? Maybe it feels like something is holding you back?

Perhaps your energy is not fully aligned with your goal? Your conscious mind is saying YES! Go for it! But your sub-conscious mind is saying the opposite?

Research shows that your sub-conscious has all the power – at 90% of your capacity it knows everything there is to know about you and why you make the choices you make… Your conscious mind is only 10% of your capacity. So relying on that to drive things forward for you is a bad move.

Vanessa can work with you to check how aligned you are with ALL your goals for 2018 by using The Body Code™. And by removing the blocks stopping you, she can increase your alignment to the maximum of 100% from wherever it is now.

By releasing all the Negative Trapped Emotions held in your energy field, currently sabotaging your hopes and dreams. Leaving the way open for you to move forward confidently, with a rush of fresh, positive energy and focus.

You might want to fall in love, get fit again, grow your business, start a new career, move overseas, have a happy retirement, or maximise your income. Whatever your goals, you can make them happen more easily when those Negative Trapped Emotions, currently holding you back, are released for good.

Start the New Year off on the right foot! Book a Blast OFF! Package of three Sessions of The Body Code™ and get fully aligned with your goals for 2018.

Normally £50 per session, this package is a special gift of £125 for 3 sessions (saving you £25!). Happy New Year!

Happy Relationships? Healthier Body? Better Finances? New Home? Whatever you want to manifest in 2018, Vanessa can help you…

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