Angels are waiting…

What if you could have what you are longing for? Angels are waiting to give it to you…


Angels are waiting

Angels are waiting

In the wings

Waiting for a sign…

Do you want to keep them waiting?

Claim what’s yours

It’s time


Time to say what is in your heart

Time to trust

To make a start

On living a life that’s brave and true

Like a gown of gold

Made just for you…


This poem arrived fully formed, almost as if it as being dictated to me. At the time, I saw it as a great big nudge from the Universe, urging me to stop procrastinating and get on with my life.

To claim what was mine, step into my true power and start to fulfil my true purpose at last.

What do you feel when you read this poem?

What would a brave and true life look like for you?

What could the angels be waiting to help you with right now?

The Angels often send you signs and signals. And they send you people who can be an angel and help you along your way… 

If you would like some help, contact Vanessa today…

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  1. The poem is good, but if I can interact with Angel, I would just ask for one favor-To meet my mother (I lost her 2 months back), and my life is now lifeless. I want to talk, share and enjoy with her. As for the signals, she always wanted me to write, and in past days , I have got this suggestion from family as well as 2-3 word press bloggers. They are strangers, but still the are ready to guide me and help me and I feel it is the signal my mother is sending. If you read my 3 recent posts, you will be able to understand more of what I am going through.

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