Are you feeling frustrated?

Are you feeling frustrated? Stuck? Bad-tempered? Angry? Fed-up? Good!

Unhappy? Depressed? Bored? Irritated? Yes!

These uncomfortable and annoying emotions are like warning flags waving in your face, telling you that something is wrong in your life and needs your attention.

When an oyster gets a piece of sand inside the mantle of its shell it gets irritated. The oyster protects itself by covering the grit with nacre and eventually this forms a pearl.

No irritation means no precious pearl!

If you didn’t feel bad, you would keep doing what you have always done. You would keep repeating old patterns, over and over again. You would not see all the wonderful opportunities in life that are waiting for you. You would not ask for help or try a new way of living.

Human beings are designed to seek happiness and balance. We are programmed to move towards truth, love and joy – and to move away from lies, fear and pain.

So make a list of all the bad stuff you are feeling and celebrate it. It takes grit to turn you into a pearl…

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