Do you notice when the well is dry?

Do you still go to the same places for love, attention and nurture, even when there is nothing there for you?

Maybe it is time to stop trying to make someone like you? Stop trying to be noticed by someone who does not choose to spend time with you? Stop hoping for love for someone who has no love to share with you?

Sometimes the well is not dry but it is poisoned. Like the relationships which are just bad for you. The ones that eat away at your self-esteem and confidence. The ones where pain is the price you have to pay for the attention of someone you care about, but who doesn’t care about you.

Like the partner who is always saying hurtful things about you with a smile – and says they are only joking. The friend who always seems to spotlight your failings. Or the parent who is always remote, distracted or critical when you talk to them.

It is time to stop letting other people abuse or belittle you. Stop hoping for the love that never comes. Stop taking your bucket to an empty or poisoned well.

Instead, find other ways to fill yourself up. Choose to be around kind people who respond to the love in you. Find interests that fill you with joy. And nourish your own strong sense of worth by looking after your own needs in a loving way…

And if you would like some caring help to free your sad, inner child – contact Vanessa today…

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