This poem sums up how lives are made up of all the tiny moments and experiences we have every day. Nothing is ever wasted…



Your life
Is the sum total of all
Your experiences

A kaleidoscope of moments
Tumbling together in multi-coloured memories.

Every smile you smiled
Every loving intention
Every time you reached out kindly and touched another
With your words, thoughts or actions.
Every companionable silence.
And every time you’ve said:
“It’s not me – it’s them” and turned away.

Every time you listened
Really listened.
Every time you followed the pulse
Of your intuition
And the times you were angry with yourself
When you did not.
Every yawn you’ve yawned
Every laugh you’ve ever laughed.
Every one of the tears you’ve cried
In sadness or in joy
And those you hold inside – as yet unshed.

Every meal you’ve eaten alone
Or in company.
The times it has been great to be alive
Even when it’s tough.
And the times it’s really tough
To even get out of bed.

All the rules you’ve made for your life
Every risk you took
Or didn’t take.

Is the sum total of your experiences
All the days
Every hour
Every moment
Sometimes a perfect 10
And sometimes not.
But whatever the result…
It’s this life
This life
The only one you’ve got.

This poem sums up how lives are made up of all the tiny moments and experiences we have every day. Nothing is ever wasted.

When I wrote this poem, I realised that if you want to have a good life then you need to be consciously creating good moments every day…

If you love the person you are today, then you must also appreciate all the steps you have taken to get here. Sometimes these steps are difficult to look back on… like the times when you were harsh or unkind to others. Or to yourself…  If thinking about past actions makes you cringe, then make better choices every day from now on.

What issues does this poem raise for you?

Which experiences are you most proud of in your life and why?

Which experiences do you hope never to repeat and why?

Would you like some help to remove the sad, negative memories and create positive experiences from now on? Contact Vanessa…


  1. This poem is also so beautiful and meaningful. And the closing with questions , I liked this concept of yours. The issues it raises are basically those experiences for which I feel, I could have done it other way. But, overall life has been satisfying for me until 2 months ago. I was proud to make my parents happy, to be able to take care of them, to be able to listen that they feel happy and satisfied from me. Losing a loved one, is the worst experience I have faced so far, and I do not have courage to face this again.

    1. Dear Akanksha, Thank you very much for connecting with me. If you would like to, I would love to skype with you about this feeling you have now and to offer some support. Love, Vanessa

  2. Hi Vanessa, Thanks so much for lending me a helping hand. Your kind words and support means a lot to me. You can connect me on skype through mu E-Mail Id. It will be good to chat / connect with you.

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