How does it feel to travel light?

Grace doing yaga

When you travel light in life, you can actually feel a lightness in your mind, body, heart and soul.

A small child instinctively knows how to travel light; they are always in the present moment, with fresh eyes looking at each new scene presented to them. They do not have any past or future concerns jumbling up their minds. They are open, trusting, loving and instantly delighted by the simplest things.

Unfortunately, as an adult, you are more likely to stop yourself from travelling light through fear. Fear of lack, fear of the future and fear and regrets from the past.

The Emotion Code™ can help you to push through your fears. By releasing the negative trapped emotions you have accumulated over the years, you will feel lighter and lighter. All the old pains and hurts, sadness and grief, heartache and guilt… they can all be lifted away.

When a negative trapped emotion is released it does not come back. It is gone for good. The ball and chain around your ankle is removed and you will see things differently. Other people will see you have changed and they will behave differently around you. You are travelling light…

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