A Traveller’s Prayer…


Give me the strength

As I start today

To follow the signs of my heart.

Give me the love

As I push through my fears

To know I am never apart.

Give me the trust

To see all is well

And all will be well ever more.

Give me your hand

As I greet this new day

And float my small boat from the shore…

By Vanessa Westwell  ©2003


This poem arrived fully formed one day. It surprised me with its simplicity, and yet, when I read it aloud, it had the power to move me deeply.

At the time I was feeling very tired and at a very low point in my life. So when I read the first words: “Give me the strength”, I remember sighing them out with a heavy heart.

If you feel heavy and a bit lost, maybe this poem will speak to you as well…

You might like to ask yourself where do you need to journey to next in your life?

What help do you need?

What will give you the faith to push your own small boat off from the shore?

If you need someone to support you, encourage you and guide you… contact Vanessa today..

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