Are you living with pain?

Are you living with pain? Do you have aches and pains from old injuries?

Unexplained stiffness in your joints? Lower back pain that comes and goes? Sore hips and knees? Shoulders set as hard as concrete?

Does it hurt when you walk, run, stretch or bend? Does it hurt when you have been driving or sitting at your desk? How long have you been putting up with pain?

Dr Bradley Nelson tells us that there are always underlying causes to pain in the body. Pain is like the engine warning light on your car dashboard. It is a red warning flag to tell you that something is wrong.

You might buy a new office chair or get a new mattress, wear different shoes or try to change your diet. And nothing works… the pain is still there.

It is possible to find and release the negative trapped emotions that are distorting your energy field. The distortion causes an imbalance and the imbalance leads to pain. When the trapped emotions are gently released, the body can re-balance itself and start to heal.

Some people have found their pain goes away immediately. It may take a day or two for others. When the reason for the pain is gone…  there is no need for your body to hold onto it.

So, what hurts…? Contact Vanessa to see how a healing package could help you…

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