What is The Body Code?


Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and many other life blocks can be created when the body’s energy is out of balance.

The Body Code™ is a unique and elegant system which can help to find these imbalances using muscle testing. Then, using a magnet, it is possible to remove the Negative Trapped Emotions or other imbalances energetically. This allows the body to return to it’s normal healthy blueprint.

So what exactly IS The Body Code? And how does it work?

The Body Code™ was created by Dr Bradley Nelson, an experienced Chiropractor in  America. His first book “The Emotion Code – How to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, wealth and happiness” described a unique healing system he called The Emotion Code™.  

He discovered 60 Negative Trapped Emotions which can become stuck in the energy field of the body as a result of a traumatic or stressful life event – if they were not resolved properly at the time. He called this The Emotion Code™. 

Some of the Negative Trapped Emotions include: Abandonment, Grief, Fear, Anger, Bitterness, Overwhelm, Despair, Low Self-esteem, Rejection, Shock and feelings of Depression and Worthlessness. Holding these emotions in our body, often for many years, causes imbalances which can lead to aches and pains, allergies, phobias, chronic illness, mental and relationship problems and eventually disease.

Dr Nelson found a way to identify these Negative Trapped Emotions using muscle testing to connect with the subconscious mind. He was then able to release the Trapped Emotions, which allowed the body to re-balance itself.

The Body Code™ is a development of The Emotion Code™ and takes it to a whole new level. Dr Nelson discovered there are six main areas which can cause imbalances in your body’s energy field, which can then lead to ill-health. These are:

  • Energies – These are generally the Negative Trapped Emotions held in your body.
  • Circuits & Systems  All the organs, glands, muscles and systems in your body.
  • Toxins – Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and other environmental toxins.
  • Pathogens – Fungal, Bacterial and Viral infections, Mould and Parasites.
  • Misalignments – The bones, nerves and connective tissue.
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle – This includes the food you eat, including herbs and nutrients, sleep and other important aspects of your physical and mental health.

Sessions can be carried out face-to-face in Cheltenham, England, via Skype or over the telephone. Many people report feeling lighter as their blocks and imbalances gradually fall away.

Here’s some recent feedback from a client about her experience:

Working with Vanessa and The Body Code helped to release a hidden heart wall and freed up emotions and beliefs that I never knew I had. Since the process I have felt very different. The Body Code is an enlightening and unique tool that can get to the heart of an issue and help clear the emotional blocks in the way. Vanessa is very caring and thorough in her approach to her work and passionate about helping others.   JH

To hear Vanessa talking about The Emotion Code, check out this short video below:

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