Are you a Lightworker?

Are you always helping others? Do they come to you when they have a problem? Do you listen, support, guide and inspire them?

Are you a healer, teacher, trainer, coach, innovator, inventor, leader, entrepreneur or writer who wants to change the world? 

If you are looking for help on your journey, then you are in the right place… it is time to start travelling light…

Travelling Light means shedding old baggage and beliefs. Being seen and heard for who and what you really are – even if it challenges the status quo at times and makes others feel uncomfortable.

Travelling Light means having positive, vibrant energy. Being the best version of yourself that you can be. Inspiring others around you to be the best they can be.

Travelling Light means living your life on purpose. Creating a positive legacy. Leaving the world in a better state that when you arrived.

Do you want to give something back? Tell your own story and inspire others? Share your ideas and change life for the better? Make a real difference in the world?

An open heart

Do you have an idea for an ethical business or social enterprise you want to get off the ground? Maybe you are already in business?

Do you need to attract new resources, money, opportunities and support from others in order to meet your goals? To use your talents in a way that really matters? Feel part of something bigger and more worthwhile? And create financial security for all?

Do you want to improve your relationships? Leave past “mistakes” and sadness behind you? Attract more love and kindness? 

Perhaps you need to free yourself from past memories? Or cut unhealthy ties with people who drain you of joy? So you can re-energise your  relationships or bring new, positive and loving people into your life?

Do you want to be happier and healthier in every way? In your mind, body, heart and soul? 

Do you long to be healthy and fit? Free of aches and pains, addictions, fears and phobias? Moving confidently towards a better future, with a clear mind and an open heart?


Do you want to travel light? YES!

The good news is that Travelling Light can help you…

  • The Emotion Code™ and The Body Code™ Healing Sessions offer simple and practical ways to raise your energetic frequency and improve your health.
  • Coaching and Taking Stock Sessions help you develop exciting, life-changing goals and intentions for you and the world. To discover your passion or life purpose. To embrace your WHY?
  • Working with Vanessa Westwell, a wise woman and Lightworker with a wealth of life and business experience, who will support you, guide you and challenge you to be the person you promised to be in this lifetime.

With her help, you can remove the blocks stopping you from showing up fully in your life. So that you can do the work you were born to do…

However difficult your life is now, with the right support you can improve mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Your body can re-balance and restore itself to increased health and wellness…

“I have just had another Body Code session with Vanessa and absolutely want to recommend her and this amazing work. I started off feeling really down on myself and struggling with lifting my energies into a higher vibration. It felt like I had no more gears to move up into. Vanessa systematically cleared what was presenting itself using her joy and humour to make it a very light-hearted experience and  brought me back up into the life embracing energy that I love.”   CV

You can remove the boulders in the road… you can start to travel light… and be free to help others in the way your heart is calling you to do…


To take the next step on your journey, contact Vanessa today…